Don't hire a Virtual Assistant until you are ready!

One of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a Virtual Assistant for the first time is not doing their prep-work beforehand.  Not only do you need to determine if hiring a VA is cost-effective for your business, but also figure out which tasks you would like to assign to your VA. 


We suggest that you document your daily, weekly activities and decide which tasks are taking up the most time and can be delegated out. Writing a detailed job description explaining what your requirements are is a good way of setting out your expectations in advance to your VA in advance. 

How to manage your Virtual Assistant


Hiring a Virtual Assistant will help free up your day but the burden is on you to ensure that you allocate tasks effectively to allow this to happen smoothly and swiftly.  Discuss your potential task list with your VA on a regular basis.  By doing this your VA gains a good idea of the work coming down the line and therefore can be better prepared for it.


Your VA may not specialise in the tasks that you will be assigning to them so make sure that you give detailed explanations of what you require.  Remember, they work on numerous types of tasks across various industries, so it is important that you don’t presume they can fill in the gaps in your instructions at the start, the more specific you are in explaining tasks and what you require, the better.  In time, your Virtual Assistant will learn your work style and will begin to take more initiative resulting in you giving less detailed instructions.


Your new Virtual Assistant will be offering you remote administrative assistance and therefore will not be working in your office close by and you may never meet your VA face-to-face.  All communication will be carried out via your preferred method whether it’s by telephone, email, instant messaging or video call.

Give realistic time frames for completion

Try to give your Virtual Assistant as much notice as possible for new tasks with realistic timeframes for completion.   Remember, if you can carry out a task in an hour, don’t always expect your VA to do the same.  They will never be as fast as you with regards to some tasks as they don’t have the knowledge and expertise you have of your business.

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