Maureen Mbondiah

"When I met Samantha from Virtual PA Assist I didn't know what to expect as I have never used the services of a Virtual PA before.  To my surprise, the services have been eddfective, efficient and always timely.  Samantha has been instrumental in freeing up my time so that I can get on to do other things within the business.  I would recommend her services to anyone who is requiring extra time to focus on their business with less paperwork.  The best part is that Samantha can take instructions via email, whattsapp or phone making it easy for myself to relay messages to her"

Jeff Hughes

"Sam is dependable and turns around dictation and typing very quickly.  Often the work is back well before I should reasonably expect it to be done.  Work done by Sam is of a very high standard - even my worst scribbles get translated into readable prose!  Sam is also a wizz at working with account software and I am sure I have hardly scratched the surface of her skill set".

Registered Psychologist

Box42 Ltd St Helens

Cheryl Snell

"Samantha is PA to Speech and Language Works Limited.  This is a company that deals with complex cases and a wide variety of administration duties.  Samantha is a highly valued person.  She is extremely professional in all aspects of her work and is very dedicated to her clients.  Samantha offers a very flexible working ethic and she has transformed my company beyond belief.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to others".

Speech & Language Therapist/Registered Intermediary, Warrington

Tony Ryan

"Tony Ryan Associates has been using Sam as our Virtual Personal Assistant for a while now and we are completely satisfied with Sam's capability, professionalism and approach to our work and customers.  We would wholeheartedly recommend Sam to any business that is very busy and requires the support to oil the wheels in the background."

Tony Ryan Associates, Manchester


Amanda Clayson

"We were at a vital stage in the development of Voice Box Inc and really needed someone who could help us pull a lot of things together to help us get to that next level.  Sam came along like a gift to us and we don't know what we would do without her now.  She's perfect for us and compliments our team really well.  She's a great team player and really skilled in lots of areas.  We couldn't recommend her highly enough."

VoiceBox Inc, Manchester

David McCollom

"Sam from Virtual PA has helped me so much in my company.  Being self employed dosen't leave time for books and accounts.  I can just leave Sam to it and before I know it we are back on track.  I can't recommend Virtual PA Assist enough."

DMC Media, Warrington

Kasia Saleh

"Since I have used Samantha at Virtual PA Assist my work balance has become so much more flexible.  Virtual PA Assist based here in the UK, is very professional, proactive, cost effective and reliable.  From managing my diary and inbox, to booking my travel and accomodation, to my administration, answering my calls and my social media updates.  I have been in the music industry for 20 years and my life can become extremley hectic, but in the last 6 months Samantha has taken the pressure off in a seamless fashion, ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout my week.  Super efficient, organised and easy to communicate with at all times."

Music Management, UK

John Houghton

"I have been using Sam at Virtual PA Assist for the past six months and she is a great asset to my business and who I would highly recommend to anyone.  Sam takes care of all my administration, quotations, invoicing and customer feedback questionaires, updates my social media and makes sure my books are always up to date.  Very reliable, trustworthy and a fantastic service."

CJ Landscapes, Warrington

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