Social Media Management Service from Virtual PA Assist

 Small business's can benefit from having a strong social media presence helping them to target a wider audience, but maintaining your accounts takes time and commitment and can often be at the bottom of your list of priorities.

Increase your exposure to potential clients

Social media can help by increasing your exposure to potential clients, lower your marketing expenses, reach a targeted audience, increase traffic to your website, build awareness of your business and brand, lead generation, and be a constant reminder to your connections of your presence.

How your Virtual Assistant can help ...

​Setting up social networking pages


Customizing pages


​Manage and consolidate all social media accounts


Social media scheduling


Ensure social media accounts are updated on a regular basis with relevant content


Creating customized content


Social media ad creation


Page optimization


Track and monitor the success and effectiveness of posts and campaigns


Social media strategy


Keyword research


Increase social followers


Engagement with your brand


Respond promptly to messages


Respond and engage followers


Drive traffic and collect leads


LinkedIn Networking


Regular Tweets


Virtual Assistant packages available for a fixed low monthly fee

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